Aggregate Knowledge

Maintain Continuity

Collect Insights

Create Information Channels

The Smart Solution

Vault is a knowledge platform that encompasses every kind of information being generated within the company.

It enables the collection, retention and transfer of best practices among team members of all levels.




With Vault

  • Do not make the same mistakes twice
  • Learn from other companies’ experiences
  • Make new knowledge accessible instantly
  • Keep your corporate knowledge alive and accessible
  • Expedite the On-Boarding process

Create the
corporate memory

There are thousands of questions going back and forth in a corporation. Most of the time finding an answer can be tricky and may cost time and money.

Vault is a hub for all these questions and answers. Whether it is something that almost every person asks or something specific to a project, everyone will know that they can refer to Vault first. What's better is anyone asking the same thing in the future will make use of that knowledge.

experiences as
they happen

Be it about finding more efficient ways to do a job or figuring out the right point of contact to sell a product, key experiences are invaluable to the company.

Vault acts as a repository for gathering these insights and channeling them to the related people in the company.

Intuitive &

The Vault user interface offers one of the most intuitive user experiences on the market. The learning curve is steep so it is a matter of minutes to get into every detail.

Having a lot but showing less is a hard task to accomplish. This is what we have done with Vault. As you dwell into it you'll find a lot to tinker with. But at the same time it is so welcoming for the first time users.


Define your events. As information related to these events flows in, you'll know it all.


Whenever you want to collect a specific kind of information, define a custom type and let the knowledge pour in


Answer every question in Vault and create a library where anything can be found.


Use the XP system and incentivize everyone to share information.

Unleash What is Buried Within the
Depths of Your Company

Collect and keep different
kinds of information in the
same platform

Vault is a great tool for keeping lists, procedures, ideas, questions and almost any kind of information that has long time value.

Your team can use various tools that Vault offers to keep the valuable information neatly stored.

Instead of trying to make use of chat apps and other tools to store information for longtime keeping, use Vault and feel comfortable.

Change shouldn't
be harmful

In companies, people change. But these changes shouldn't affect the operations nor change the quality of the outcome.

When there's a means to convey all the information related to past events, products, campaigns and all the stuff that matters, maintaining the continuity won't be a problem.

Let AI be your

Sometimes a pinch of key information might matter a lot. During a sales pitch or while fixing a problem it feels good to learn something that will improve the process.

Your location, an entry you make or a recent call can trigger Vault AI. When you are on the doorstep of a customer, learning that he cares about environment friendly companies might help a lot.

2/3 of the managers say they don’t have proper means to collect business knowledge from their employees.

68% of the employees say they can’t access past experiences and best practices in the company.

A McKinsey report found that new employees spend nearly 9 hours per week searching and gathering information


Yes. You can create a custom content type according to the type of information you want to collect. This can be customer requests, marketing ideas or no sale reasons. As the team members enter information, it will become instantly available to those who are related.
According to our research working people say that they would love to share. And if it is not enough we have an incentive system that enables users to earn XP points whenever they share information.
Creating a label can help. The labels are used to associate any kind of information with an event, product, customer or location. So when you browse whatever is stacked under that label you’ll see all history.
Coming to a new environment is hard for everyone. Generally, the major reason of this struggle is the lack information in this new universe. There’s not much we can do on the social side but the rest can be easily addressed through Vault. They can just travel through time, get in sync, find answers to their questions, learn from experiences, understand the company better and will be ready to be a part of team in a flash.