You can change your plan as needed in Vault.

When you subscribe, you will be charged at the end of your monthly billing period.

vault starter pack


  • Team of 5
  • 5GB per user
  • Custom Types: (max 10)
  • Free
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vault standart pack


  • Up to 1000 users
  • 5GB per user
  • Custom Types: Unlimited
  • 6$ per user per month
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vault enterprise pack


  • 1000+ Users
  • 10GB per user
  • Custom Types: Unlimited
  • 3$ per user per month
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FAQ and Terms

  • How can I use Vault for Free?

    If your team is up to 5 people you can use Vault for free without any time limit. For bigger teams we offer 30 days of trial period. So after you sign up we won't charge you for anything until the trial period is over.

  • Is there any limit on data traffic?

    The average traffic limit per user is 20GB per month. However, the aggregate traffic limit is calculated per account. So it doesn't matter if certain users exceed their limits as long as the aggregate limit is not met. So if a company has 50 users, the aggregate limit for the company will be 1TB. So that more active users can get use of the traffic bandwidth of the infrequent ones.

  • How can I increase my storage limit?

    The storage limits are linked to the number of users. So, whenever more storage capacity is needed the number of users can be increased to match the desired level.

  • Is there a discount for Non-Profits and Educational Institutions?

    Yes. We provide %50 discount for NGO's and any kind of educational institutions.

  • How are the number of users calculated for billing?

    When you are subscribed to a certain pack, the subscription is started with the initial number of users indicated at the enrollment phase. Throughout the time new users can be added to the account. At the time of billing, the number of maximum users reached in the past billing cycle is taken into account. So depending on the number of active users the bill might change in every billing cycle.

  • Active and Passive Users

    Every account is billed for the active users they have. For the convenience of our clients we will notify the system admins whenever we detect inactive users for 3 months. The admin may select to disable these accounts or remind the users to continue using Vault actively. If these accounts are disabled the number of active users hence the billing amount will go down. The admin or the users can activate their accounts anytime they want. No data or content will be lost.

  • Should I select monthly or annual plan?

    Both plans have their own advantages. If you want to be more flexible you may choose monthly plan. If you are a preplanner annual plan would be more affordable and easy to manage.

  • Which types of payment options do you offer?

    We accept most credit cards. For customers on an annual subscription plan, we also accept bank transfers or checks.

* First month is free then billed at the plan rate.