Here we describe your rights and the conditions that you are adhering to by accepting these Terms of Service (“TOS”) about your use of our productivity tools and the platform. Both Users and Customer are bound by the TOS as they use the Services. The TOS govern your access and use of the Services. We are proud to have you on board.

When we say “Vault,” “Rementis,” “we,” “our,” or “us” in this policy, we are referring to Rementis, Inc., the company that provides the software, the services, websites, and the related content within them. Depending on the context, “we” and “Vault” may refer to the Services.

“Customer” means you or the entity you are acting on behalf of that agrees to this Contract. Although Customer may or may not be the creator of the account, Customer is the owner of the account. Customer has all rights to the contents of the account and is the one who is agreeing these terms. If an account is created in the name of an Organization or other entity by someone who is not related to the Organization or entity, Customer is the individual who created the account. For instance, if someone used his personal email to set up a corporate account but is not currently associated with that company, then he is the Customer.

“Workspace” means the virtual space created when a Vault account is created that holds all the information submitted by the Owner, Users, and integrations.

“Services” means our online productivity tools, websites, apps, content, technologies, and the platforms provided by us. The Services can be used via a web browser or applications specific to your desktop or mobile device.

“User” means any individual who has been given access to the Workspace with a set of credentials. Users may act on behalf of Customer or on their own. Users can be your employees, consultants, contractors, friends, or anyone else who might make contribution to your Workspace. When we say User, we mean every person who has access to the Workspace, regardless of his or her role, including but not limited to the Owner and the Admin.

“Owner” means the User who owns and has all the rights to the Workspace, account and Content. Owner can be a person acting on his or her own behalf or a person who is acting on behalf of an organization. Owner can delegate some of his or her authority to other Users. When a User is appointed to be the Owner and accepts the appointment, he or she automatically agrees to the Terms of Service and becomes the highest authority for the account. Owner represents the Customer and acts as the Customer while managing the Workspace. If there’s a conflict between the Owner and the Customer we will comply the requests of the Customer.

“Admin” means any User who is given the authority to make changes to the settings, add Users, change User roles, remove Users, act on behalf of the Owner, approve or reject changes to the content, and alter other kinds of configurations that might be available in the future.

“Guest” means a User with limited rights and access who is invited by another User. Guests can only see limited parts of the Workspace.

“Content” means any kind of information, text, instant message, comment, photo, video, audio, live recording, design, file, or any other kind of data generated in or submitted to the Workspace.

“Customer Data” means all the files, information, data and Content that is generated in or supplied to the Workspace by the Users or Customer. Customer Data belongs to Customer.

“Post” means any kind of information, file, or media, separate or combined, that is submitted as an item to the Workspace by any User.

“Organization” means the team, company, or entity that you represent or act on behalf of.

“Folder” means the special categorization tag used to classify Posts.

“Sites” means any website we use as a part of the Services or as a complimentary product or as an information website or a marketing website that complements the Services.

These Terms and any other complimentary forms or agreements form a binding “Contract” between Customer and us.

If you sign up for the Services and use and allow use of your Workspace, you acknowledge your understanding of the Contract as it existed on the date you signed up on behalf of Customer. By signing up, you represent and warrant that you have the necessary authority to enter into the Contract on behalf of Customer.

Vault is a platform made available for storing, sharing, accessing, and channeling information for personal or institutional use that works on a software-as-a-service basis (“The Services”) through websites and apps that we provide.

The Services can be accessed through websites (mainly and apps that we provide and other intermediaries that connect with the Services. In all cases the use of the Services is subject to the terms of this contract.

We own the Services and the Sites, including all the source code, design features, functionality, rights, and intellectual property. The trademarks, logos, service marks, photos, videos, and content (“Platform Content”) are either owned by us or licensed to us and they are protected by copyright and trademark laws and various other intellectual property rights. The Platform Content provided within the Services and the Sites are for the use of the Customer and the Users only, and may not be used for any commercial use, except through the use of the Services or otherwise expressly authorized by us..

We may continue to develop the Services, add features, and/or make them available in different platforms. We may change the concept and features of the Services at our discretion. We may separate the Services into different smaller products or make the Services a part of another product. The Customer understands and agrees that we are under no obligation to keep the Services as they are at the time of the signing of the contract and the Services are subject to change and evolve according to our development plans and Customer feedback.

We grant the Customer a nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited license, which may not be sublicensed, for the use of the Services by the Customer, Users, and Guests in accordance with the Contract and Terms of Service.

We care about ownership rights. If you think that anything you see on the Sites or in the Services is copyrighted and being used without proper licensing, please notify us. If you think that any kind of Content you see on the Sites or in the Services infringes upon a copyright you own or control, please notify us. You may be held liable for damages if you make substantial misrepresentations in a notification, so please make sure about the infringement and contact your lawyer first before sending the notification. You can find more information about our Copyright policy at

If you create an account, you are declaring that you are at least 18 years old.

If you are not of legal age to enter into a contract, then you must review these Terms with your parent or guardian, who must accept them, to access the Services.

If you are a User, the Services are intended to be used by people aged 16 years or older. If you are not aged 16 or older please quit the Services and cancel your account.

Customer means you or the entity you are acting on behalf that agrees to this Contract. If your account is created by someone who is not formally affiliated with you or your organization, then that person is the Customer.

If the person who created the account bestows ownership on another User by designating him or her as the Owner, then that User also becomes the Customer.

If you signed up on behalf of your Organization, then the Organization is the Customer. The Customer has the rights to the account and can manage Users, modify roles, permit or deny access, change settings, and control everything the Customer is given access to. If the Customer wants to replace you, remove you from the account, or demote you from being a representative of the Organization, you agree to take the actions necessary to relinquish your access, terminate your user account, transfer necessary credentials, and do anything else requested by the Customer. If the Customer contacts us, we may notify you to take reasonable actions, or upon request of the Customer, we may transfer necessary account information to the Customer.

Customer may invite others to create User accounts or create accounts for Users to allow them to access the Workspace, post information, upload files and media, and send messages.

Customer shall inform Users about all the policies and terms applicable to their use of the Services.

During the use of the Services, Users submit different kinds of information and data to the Workspace, such as images, videos, comments, experiences, articles, reports, descriptive text, live recordings, hyperlinks, data acquired from the web, messages, data processed through the service, personal information, and information generated by the User (“Customer Data”).

Customer is the sole authority to decide what to do with Customer Data. Customer can contact us to provide instructions on what to do with it. Customer may export the content, manage Users and User roles, create integrations, manage permissions, create information types, change settings, adjust privacy, delete all or some of the Content, or share Customer Data.

Customer Data is supplied by the Customer and the sole responsibility for the Customer Data belongs to the Customer. We do not check any part of the Customer Data and are not responsible in any way for its contents, including but not limited to whether it infringes on anyone else’s copyrights, violates any laws, or contains offensive or otherwise sensitive information. The way Customer Data is collected, generated, stored, and processed is decided and carried out by the Customer, and we do not have any say in it or responsibility for it.

All rights, including intellectual property rights in Customer Data, belong exclusively to the Customer. Whenever a User or Guest submits content, it automatically becomes part of Customer Data and the property of the Customer. Customer has full rights to give or limit access; change privacy settings; and share, delete, or move any Customer Data that you or any User has generated and submitted, regardless of the type of content submitted.

Customer hereby gives us a royalty-free, worldwide, nonexclusive license to store, process, use, access, modify, display, transfer, back up, analyze, and copy Customer Data to provide the Services, to enhance the user experience for the Customer and Users, and to share parts of Customer Data upon the request of the Customer.

As the choices of the Customer may have a huge impact on how Customer Data is processed or disclosed, it is very important to bear in mind the effects of these actions. On behalf of the Customer, Admin or Owner may submit to us requests for access to, change of ownership of, or removal of Customer Data. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to fulfill these requests.

Customer and Users can access the Services with a subscription that is subject to fees and compliance with these Terms.

A subscription, which is nonexclusive, nontransferable, non-sublicensable, and fully revocable grants access to use the Services during the subscription period.

A subscription can be purchased through the Sites. In some special cases it might be procured with an order form that might contain special conditions between us and Customer. Every User must accept the Terms of Service to start his or her subscription. A subscription will start when we activate it for the User. The end of a subscription is determined by the plan Customer agreed to or any cancellation request by the Customer.

Subscriptions are User-based and last for a specified term. Even though there may be multiple Users under a single account, each subscription is treated separately. Each subscription can start and end at different times and can have different conditions. We may enter into special agreements with certain clients with special conditions, all of which should be stated on an order form. Users may be added or removed anytime during an active subscription period.

From time to time we may offer free subscription packages that have certain limitations for open-ended time periods. We reserve the right to end these free subscriptions at our discretion and without prior notification. Customers and Users of the free subscription packages should bear in mind that the Services they are using might be interrupted because of a policy change by us. In such an event the account and Customer Data will be kept safe for at least three months. During this period the Customer can upgrade to a paid subscription or request to import Customer Data.

A subscription is subject to the conditions stated in the order form. There may be special price terms, limitations, and terms related to the subscription.

The order form may be an online form or a physical document. In either case, it should be completed and submitted to us to purchase a subscription.

Although the number of Users can be stated in the order form, that is not necessary as the Customer can add or remove Users during an active subscription period.

Vault is a product with many features that are useful for many different kinds of businesses. When making the purchase you should consider the features and capabilities of the Services that are available today. Sometimes ads, press releases, and customer testimonials are misleading, as the use of the product varies from business to business. If the Customer decides to buy our product, he or she acknowledges that he or she is buying the current working version, “as is.”

We always strive to make the Services better for our Customers. To do so, we listen to the feedback we get from Users and focus on it during our development efforts. In different parts of the Services there are sections where Users can send us feedback. If you send us feedback and suggestions about the Services, we might make use of it. Customer and Users grant us an unlimited, irrevocable, perpetual, transferable, sublicensable, royalty-free license to use and kind of feedback or information submitted to us. Sending us ideas, suggestions, or any other kind of feedback means that you are bestowing upon us all the rights to them. Please bear in mind that we might not be able to make use of all ideas, suggestions, or other feedback that we receive.

Vault gives Customer the ability to add integrations with third-party applications. We may enable a new integration any time it becomes available. These integrations give Users flexibility and new ways to make the most out of the Services. Please bear in mind that when you enable an integration, this means that some of the data that resides in your Workspace might be shared with the integration provider’s services. Up to a certain level, you control what information is shared, and what information is not, through the settings. Because these integrations do not belong to us, but rather to other companies, we do not have control over how the integration providers handle your data, what they do or can do with it, or how they can affect your Customer Data within Vault. Customer decides to enable or disable these integrations. Thus, it is the responsibility of the Customer to research these companies, go through their privacy policies and terms of service, and evaluate the reliability of their services.

If any part of Customer Data is disclosed, modified, or deleted because of these integrations, we cannot be held responsible for any reason.

Some integrations work in only one direction, such that Vault receives information from their services, but they do not receive information from Vault. With these integrations, Customer Data is not transmitted to their services, so you do not have to worry about how they handle your data.

We provide certain functionalities as part of the Services, and we may add, modify, or delete some functionalities from time to time at our discretion without notice. If we make a substantial change that we think might affect your use of the Services, we will notify you by an announcement on the Sites and/or by sending you an email.

Customers and Users must comply with the Contract and Terms of Service. As the person or other entity responsible for the account, Customer must ensure that Users understand and comply with the Terms of Service. Customer is primarily responsible and legally liable for the acts of Users and any violations of the Terms of Service by Users.

The Services are not intended to be used by persons under the age of 16 and Customer must ensure that all Users are 16 or older. Anyone under the age of 16 should not be using the Services.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to supply the means of using the Services, such as high-speed internet service and compatible hardware.

If there is a violation of the Contract that we think that can be remedied by the removal of a part of Customer Data, usually we will ask the Customer to take action to remove it. If the Customer does not take action, or we think that there is a potential risk of harm to us, the Services, Users, other clients, or third parties, we might directly intervene and take any action we believe to be appropriate.

Users can have multiple subscriptions across multiple Workspaces. Depending on the User’s role, each User account might be subject to different pricing schemes and may have different functionalities. The Admin has the authority to determine and assign roles to Users.

The first User of the account is automatically assigned as the Admin. The Admin has the right to change all the settings, add or remove Users, change User roles, and configure many other options, but cannot change the Owner. Please bear in mind that the person with the Admin role will be able to access all Customer Data without any limitations.

If Customer wishes to remove the Admin role from a User and the Admin fails to abide the Customer’s request, then the Customer may send us the request and we will comply.

Personal Data of any User, whether he or she is a Guest, Admin, or standard User, are processed as set forth in our Privacy Policy.

Users will have access to the Workspace according to the privacy settings designated by the Admin. Users are allowed to view public Posts, make searches, submit content under the categories that are available to them, access private Folders that they are added to, personalize their Workspace, add tags, and carry out many more actions according to the settings set by the Admin. We may limit or extend the rights of the Users as we develop the Services according to our feature plans and feedback from our customers. Users may also add comments, bookmark items, add notes, send messages and interact with files and media. Users can also set privacy settings for the content they post. If the rights of Users change, we might not be able to send notifications about these changes.

Guests are allowed to use the Workspace freely for a limited time and with limited functionality. Guests can be invited by authorized Users. Guests have most of the rights that Users have, but only within a certain Folder. Guests can interact with the content, video, audio, and images; agree with Posts; add comments, and so on.

User agrees that no Posts shall contain any content that:

  • advocates for the commission of any illegal activity;
  • advocates or professes violence or intolerance toward any specific individual, organization, or belief;
  • may cause a liability for Vault, or may cause Vault to lose (in whole or in part) the services of any ISPs or suppliers;
  • harasses other Users of the Workspace;
  • states or implies that anything contained in any User Post is endorsed by the Company without proper authorization.

Except as otherwise stated, you and any User may not do, and you shall not allow other Users to do, the following:

  • sell, rent, lease, sublicense, gift, transfer, transmit, publish, or make available any portion of the Services to third parties, including but not limited to your affiliates;
  • disable, bypass, or interfere with any part of the Services in any way to override restrictions, enable features, or change the way the Services are intended to work;
  • systematically retrieve data or any kind of content from the Site or the Services to create or compile, directly or indirectly, a product, database, software, or directory without our prior permission;
  • collect usernames or emails of Users for marketing purposes such as sending unsolicited emails;
  • deceive, divert, or mislead us or Users of the Services with the purpose of obtaining sensitive account information or accessing Customer Data;
  • intentionally contact support with improper requests;
  • intentionally submit false reports of misuse or misconduct;
  • attempt to impersonate any User without permission for improper actions;
  • copy any part of the content that comes with the Services to use elsewhere, other than for promoting the Services, without prior permission from us;
  • try to access, derive, or extract any part of the source code of the Services and its components by reverse engineering, decompiling, decrypting, hacking, using special apps, or any other means;
  • use any kind of automated software or hardware to access or monitor the Services for any reason;
  • knowingly use methods or technologies that would impose unreasonable loads on the infrastructure that serves the Services;
  • modify, translate or change any part of the Services without prior permission from us;
  • copy or create any derivatives of the Services or Sites, or any part thereof;
  • develop or use any technology to impede the Services;
  • interfere with the integrity of the Services;
  • override or attempt to override the authentication process of the Services;
  • remove, modify, or conceal logos, trademarks, attributions or other proprietary rights affixed to or provided within the Services or Sites or any third party we work with without our prior written approval;
  • use or display logos, marks and other attributions related to us or the Services other than promoting the Services without our prior written approval;
  • use, copy, or imitate parts of the Services, or content within the Services or Sites, to develop a competing service or product;
  • use the Services for any illegal purposes or in a way that would be unlawful;
  • use the Services in a way that would be harmful to Users, Customers, or any third parties;
  • use the Services for the purpose of unauthorized marketing activities;
  • post disparaging, harmful, offensive, or fraudulent content that is open to public that might harm us or other Users of the Services;
  • try to hack, access, or obtain login credentials, accounts, or the content of Customers, individuals or organizations;
  • attempt to upload or transmit any harmful code such as viruses or trojans to the Services or Sites that might interfere with, disrupt, alter, or modify the performance or integrity of the Services;
  • attempt to upload or transmit any material that acts as a passive or active information collector or transmitter, such as web bugs, cookies, or 1x1 gifs; or use the Services in any way that would be a breach of the Contract.

Customer agrees to be liable to us for any act listed above carried out by any User that would be a breach of the Terms of Service as if such acts or breaches were done by the Customer.

Users may submit any kind of information and Content to their Workspaces while using the Services. Any Content submitted to the Workspace is an asset of the Customer and is visible only to the Users of that Workspace unless it is shared with third parties. Whenever a Post is marked as “Global Public,” it becomes available to anyone on the web and it can be viewed through a link, through the applets, or on other websites. Marking Content as Global Public will mean submitting Global Public Content. We do not assess or check Content unless the privacy setting is set to Global Public. Only Users with a certain authorization can set the privacy setting of any Post to Global Public.

Any Content that is marked Global Public will be considered nonconfidential and nonproprietary. By submitting Global Public Content on or through the Services, you grant us a worldwide, nonexclusive, unrestricted, irrevocable, perpetual, fully paid, sublicensable, royalty-free license to use, copy, modify, publish, reproduce, sell, resell, translate, disclose, archive, retitle, process, adapt, transmit, display, excerpt, and distribute the Content, in part or in whole, in any and all media or distribution methods, including those developed in the future. This license grants us the unrestricted authority to make your Global Public Content available to the whole world.

You agree that this license gives us the right to use the submitted Global Public Content to promote and improve the Services and to make it available to third parties for the syndication, distribution, promotion, or publication of such content on different kinds of media and services. These kinds of additional uses by us or third parties will never mean that there will be any kind of payment or compensation with respect to the content posted.

This license grants us the right to use your name, or the name of the Customer or Organization if applicable, and any of the trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, and images you provide. You hereby waive all moral rights in your Content, and you warrant that moral rights have not otherwise been asserted in your Content.

You retain your rights to the Content you submit. What is yours is yours. You retain full ownership of all Content you post in your Workspace together with all intellectual property rights and other proprietary rights. We are not liable for any statements or representations in your Content. The sole responsibility for the Content belongs to you and you hereby release us from any and all responsibility regarding your Content. You hereby agree not to pursue any legal action against us for any damages and/or actions of others caused by the Content.

We have the right to edit, redact, change, or translate the submitted Global Public Content to classify and categorize it or make it more accessible. We have the right to prescreen or delete any Global Public Content at any time for any reason, without prior notice.

Whenever you or any User associated with your account submits Global Public Content, you acknowledge and warrant that:

  • accessing, transmitting, copying, downloading, and public display of your Content will not infringe proprietary rights such as a copyright, trademark, trade secret, or patent of any third party;
  • you as the owner of Customer Data on behalf of the Customer and Users have all necessary rights and permissions to share and license the Content;
  • the Content is not submitted to deliberately deceive, mislead, trick, or manipulate any individual;
  • the Content does not contain graphic images, audios, or videos that would be considered disturbing or repulsive by the public;
  • the Content is not lewd, obscene, harassing, slanderous, or objectionable;
  • the Content is not unauthorized advertising, spam, mass mailing or any form of solicitation;
  • the Content does not promote illegal organizations, terror, pyramid schemes, criminal activities, or violence;
  • the Content is not pornographic;
  • the Content does not ridicule, mock, threaten, abuse, or disparage anyone in any way that would be considered beyond the boundaries of free speech;
  • the Content does not violate the privacy rights of any individual, company, or organization;
  • the Content is not offensive with regard to race, nationality, gender, sexual preference, or physical condition; and
  • the Content does not violate these Terms of Service or any applicable law or regulation.
  • Vault reserves the right, but is under no obligation to monitor and delete any Posts made in its sole and absolute discretion whenever deems necessary.

For a subscription and use of the Services, Customer is required to pay all fees set out in the order form or in the related page of the Services interface. Fees are based on the number of Users and the type of subscription. Payments for the subscribed-to plan shall be made on a recurring basis. All plans are renewed automatically regardless of the subscription term (monthly, annual, or other).

The payment methods we accept will be shown on the payment page of the Services interface. The types of payment we accept might change from time to time without prior notification. The Customer shall submit payment details as required based on an available payment method chosen by the Customer. If the payment method you selected becomes unavailable sometime in the future, we will notify you so that you can update your payment details based on the then-available payment methods.

During purchase of a subscription, the currency and fees are stated at the checkout interface of the Services and in the Order Form. You agree to pay the fees under the stated terms by signing up for the plan. The payment commitment and means of payment are to be completed in advance. Payment obligations are noncancelable and payments are non-refundable. Customer is responsible for any unpaid fees. In the event of a change in a subscription, change in the number of users, or additional purchase of add-ons, the fee for that period might change, in which case Customer will be responsible for payment of the total amount including the new charges.

For subscriptions where the terms require payment in advance, payment must be completed accordingly. If we invoice the Customer, full payment must be received within thirty (30) days from the invoice date.

The stated fees are base fees that do not include taxes, duties, or similar government assessments, such as value added taxes, withholding taxes, use taxes, and so on (“Taxes”). Customer is responsible for the payment of any Taxes that are applicable in the jurisdiction where the purchase takes place.

If you have purchased a Subscription through a reseller or a business partner and there is a conflict between this Contract and the agreement entered into between you and the reseller or business partner, including with respect to the fees and payment terms, then the terms in this Contract shall prevail. Any rights granted to you by the reseller or business partner are valid only between you and the reseller or business partner, and we are not responsible for them in any way.

You hereby authorize us and the third parties we work with to charge your credit card for all applicable fees and store your credit card information on our servers and/or the servers of the third parties we work with for payment processing. You agree to update your billing information or notify us if there are any changes to your billing information. Since we work with third parties for payment processing, you agree that third-party terms and conditions shall apply to your online payments of fees.

We use a flexible billing system so that our Customers can pay according to their needs and use of the Services. Under our flexible billing policy, the monthly fee may vary, depending on the number of users in the billing period and purchased add-ons. The Customer may add or remove users at any time, which results in a change in the bill. We charge according to the maximum number of active user accounts in the billing period.

Customers may accrue credits through promotions, gift cards, or assigned codes. These credits will automatically expire upon termination of the Contract and cannot be used again for any purpose. Credits do not have an exchange value and are nontransferable and nonrefundable. Credits are valid only within the account in which they accrue. If not used, credits will expire in 12 months from the time they are assigned. In some cases, we might extend the expiration time of the credits without prior notice. Credits that are assigned for a free account will expire within 90 days unless the account is upgraded.

If Customer owes us any sum for a subscription or purchase that is thirty (30) days or more overdue, we may downgrade the Customer’s plan to a free one until the overdue amount is paid in full. This does not limit our other rights and remedies arising from the loss of Customer’s payment. If we are contacted by the Customer about the payment, we may give 10 to 30 days’ extra time so that the payment can be made. If a downgrade takes place due to failure to pay, Customer understands and agrees that this might result in a loss of functionality and decreased level of access to Customer Data. In such an event we DO NOT delete any part of the Customer Data.

Our free plans continue until they are cancelled by the Customer or they expire. Free plans are open-ended and do not have an expiration date that is set during the sign-up period. However, we might set an expiration date for active free plans anytime at our discretion, which will not be less than thirty days from the announcement date. We will notify the Customers that use free plans whenever such a change goes in effect.

We or Customer may terminate a free subscription without stating a reason. Customer may do so anytime, effective immediately. If we terminate a free subscription, we will give one months’ notice.

Paid subscriptions have a term that may expire or be terminated. The Contract is in effect as long as a subscription is active. If the Contract is terminated, all related subscriptions and order forms will be terminated.

Termination of the Contract will not relieve the Customer of the obligation to pay all unpaid fees for the Services used.

The Admin or Owner may cancel a subscription through the pages in the Services or by sending a request to us at When we receive such a request, we will comply within a reasonable time. Any cancellation will take effect at the end of the then-current term and you won’t be billed for that particular plan anymore. Fees for the term during which the cancellation takes place are not refundable.

The Contract may be terminated by us or the Customer with 15 days’ notice if there is a breach of the Contract by the other party. In such a case, the breaching party will have 30 days after the date of the termination notice to remedy the breach, and if the breach is remedied, the Contract will be reinstated.

Customer is responsible for actions of Users that breach this Contract. If we believe that the Customer or Users are in violation of applicable law while using the Services, we may immediately terminate the Contract.

All subscriptions we offer automatically renew unless stated otherwise. This means that you do not need to go to the subscription page of the Services or complete an order form for your subscription to carry over to the next term. The fees after any renewal will be the same as in the prior term unless we give you notice of a price increase. If our subscription fees change, we will notify you at least three months prior to the date new fees will be effective for you. Either of the parties may give the other notice of nonrenewal at least 30 days prior to the end of the subscription term to terminate automatic renewal.

We may offer a free trial to a Customer prior to a paid subscription. The free trial is meant to show the capabilities of the Services and allow Customer to assess how to make use of the Services. The free trial terms are displayed on the related page of the Services interface. Free trials start when you initiate the free trial subscription. Notwithstanding the terms of this Contract, we have no obligation or responsibility for the use of the Services during the free trial period. The free trial will end when you upgrade your subscription, your free trial period expires, or you cancel your free trial. If you do not upgrade to a paid subscription, we reserve the right to delete your account and Customer Data 30 days after the termination of your free trial. After the end of the free trial period, you will have 30 days to download Customer Data.

We as the supplier of the Services have a duty to make sure the Services are running at the desired level and our Customers can conveniently use them. We make the following promises:

  • We will do our best to make the Services available to the Customer and the Users, as described in the Contract.
  • We will not use, or process Customer Data except as instructed by the Customer in writing.
  • We will not sell or market Customer Data.
  • We will do our best to comply with industry standards to keep Customer Data safe and will work with reputable companies as third-party suppliers.
  • We will not decrease the functionality of the Services during a subscription term, except necessary changes arising from the development of the Services.

We offer 99% uptime for the Services and strive to increase this even more. If we fail to maintain that level of availability, we will compensate for any loss of use time with credits worth at least 10 times the period of inaccessibility. Credits will be the only form of remedy offered by us for any damages or inconvenience caused by the downtime.

We will use commercially reasonable efforts to keep the Services up and running 24/7. Please bear in mind that we do not maintain all infrastructure on which the Services run; we use third parties for certain tasks. Therefore, the availability of these third parties might affect our uptimes. Because we work primarily with leading companies in their fields, we expect reasonable uptimes. From time to time we might conduct planned maintenance and will try to give you notice before we do. During those times the Services might be inaccessible for short periods.

We care about the safety of Customer Data—it is important to us. To accomplish the goal of keeping it as safe as reasonably possible, we maintain physical, administrative, and technological precautions. By doing so we aim to prevent unauthorized access, use, modification, deletion, and disclosure of Customer Data. We select our third-party partners from among those who place the utmost importance on the safety of Customer Data. Because of the nature of the Services, the fact that no software is 100% error-free, and the fact that it runs on the Internet, we shall not be held liable for damages caused by your use of the Services, downtimes, attacks by individuals with harmful intent, errors in the Services, or loss of Customer Data that might occur in extreme circumstances.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to safekeep, back up, and protect Customer Data.

Customer owns Customer Data and decides what is to be done with it. We just supply a vessel that helps accrue, store, and manage information. Customer gives us a worldwide, nonexclusive, limited-terms license to store, access, use, process, duplicate, analyze, and display Customer Data only to

  • provide the Services,
  • comply with the requests of the law
  • prevent hindrances to the Services,
  • address and solve technical and security issues,
  • give support to Customer and Users,
  • update and improve the Services, and
  • comply with Customers’ written requests.

Customer declares that it has all the rights necessary to the Customer Data and submissions of the Users to give us this license.

Customer Data belongs to the Customer and the Customer is responsible for the Customer Data. We are not liable and cannot be held liable for the contents of Customer Data in the event of copyright infringement, violation of a trademark or patent, or unlawful content. We do not analyze or monitor Customer Data and do not inspect its contents. By using the Services, you acknowledge and agree that you will assert no claim against us arising out of our not doing so, with respect to your Customer Data or anyone else’s Customer Data.

You hereby declare and warrant that Customer has all necessary rights to the Content submitted to the Workspace and that no part of your Customer Data,

  • infringes upon or violates patents, copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights;
  • is unlawful, threatening, or violent;
  • violates data protection laws;
  • is offensive, hateful, threatening, or pornographic;
  • is related to illegal gambling, illegal drugs, human trafficking, or arms trafficking;
  • contains anything that could be the cause of harm to anyone;
  • violates the privacy rights of any person or any third party;
  • encourages or promotes criminal actions; or
  • is malicious or fraudulent.

The sole responsibility for Customer Data belongs to the Customer and we cannot be held responsible or liable in any way for the consequences of using, storing, displaying, or transmitting it.

Customer should create a Customer Account in order to use the Services. A Customer Account may be created for personal use, company use, or organizational use. In all cases you must supply the necessary information to create an account. If you are creating a Customer Account on behalf of your company or organization (we’ll use “Organization” to refer to both), you agree to:

  • provide accurate information about your Organization,
  • ensure that login details are kept safe and not disclosed to unauthorized individuals,
  • be responsible for the safekeeping of account details,
  • provide account details to an authorized person as requested by your Organization,
  • notify us if you become aware of any breach of these Terms, and
  • notify us in writing if you become aware of unauthorized access to your Organization’s account or you lose access to your Organization’s account.

By creating the account, you warrant (and have the knowledge necessary to warrant) that

  • your Organization is not an illegal entity,
  • your Organization has not filed for bankruptcy,
  • your Organization does not reside in a sovereignty that is embargoed by the United States,
  • your Organization is solvent and has the ability to enter into agreements such as these Terms, and
  • your Organization complies with data protection laws.

Each person who uses the Services must have a User Account. User Accounts can be created by the Customer, or Customer can send an invitation to a person to set up his or her own User Account. Users agree to

  • provide information that is not misleading during User Account creation,
  • keep account details and credentials safe at all times,
  • remain responsible for anything that might happen if they do not keep account credentials safe,
  • notify us of any unauthorized access or any violation of the Terms of Service that they become aware of,
  • Notify us or the Customer if they are accidentally invited to use the Services within the Customer Account, and
  • Release to the Customer all rights to the information they are submitting to the Workspace.
  • User Communications
  • Vault shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose, and distribute any and all communication conducted with us through the Sites or the Services or other means including but not limited to feedback, questions, comments, suggestions and the like (the “Communications”). The User shall have no right of confidentiality in the Communications and Vault shall have no obligation to protect the Communications from disclosure. Vault shall be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how, content or techniques contained in the Communications for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to the development, production and marketing of products and services that incorporate such information.

Wo do not own but only keep and take care of Customer Data. Customer can export and share Customer Data through the Services interface or by a request to us during an active subscription period. Because of the nature and structure of the Services, exported Customer Data might not be identical to how it is displayed in the Services. Additionally, depending on the time of the transfer and status of the Services, it might not be possible to transfer or export Customer Data exactly as it is. Customer understands and agrees that the export functionality may be limited or unavailable depending on the state and version of the Services.

After the termination of the Contract we will continue to store Customer Data for another six months so that the Customer can retrieve the Customer Data conveniently. However, Customer understands and agrees that we are under no obligation to keep or maintain Customer Data after the termination of the Contract. After the six-month period or upon the request of the Customer we will initiate the deletion process.

By using the Services, you acknowledge that you may come across a variety of Posts and information submitted by Users, Guests, and third parties. We do not have control over these submissions and we are not responsible for their correctness, context, intellectual property rights status, or source. You may come across User-submitted content that is or might be offensive, biased, inaccurate, indecent, deceptive, or fraudulent. You understand and agree that these submissions are not related to us in any way and you will not take any legal action against us that arises from these submissions.

You understand and agree that we may use some of the Personal Data that we collect in connection with the Services for different purposes in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is available at Vault Privacy

We may collect, use, and disclose non-identifiable “Aggregate Information,” which is information that cannot be tied to a Customer or User, in order to promote and improve the Services. We may use Aggregate Information to analyze use patterns and/or market our products, or for other business purposes.

If you disagree with or do not like any of the clauses or conditions stated in these Terms, or if you are not satisfied with the Services, or if changes to the Service or prices disappoint you, your only option is to immediately cancel your subscription and stop using the Services.

When you cancel your subscription, all User accounts and all licenses granted to you by this Contract will be terminated. You and Users will lose access to the Services and Customer Data. Although we continue to keep the Customer Data on your behalf for a period of time, it is your responsibility to export Customer Data prior to cancelling your subscription. We cannot be held liable in the event of a loss of any part of Customer Data resulting from the termination of your subscription. We also cannot be held liable because you or any third parties using the Services are unable to access the Services after termination of your subscription.

Customer declares that it has the authority and legal power to enter into this Contract. Customer also warrants that it is responsible for the actions of Users and their compliance with these terms.














Customer is responsible for the safekeeping of all credentials belonging to all Users, including usernames, passwords, and additional credentials. We will not be responsible for any damages or losses arising from the loss of these credentials or the obtaining of these credentials by unauthorized individuals.

The limitations in this section apply with respect to all legal theories whether in contract, tort, or otherwise, and to the extent permitted by law.

Whatever the cause is, no action may be brought after 12 months from the date on which you become aware of a cause of action.

You and the Customer hereby warrant and agree to indemnify Vault and its affiliates, employees, directors, managers, and business partners from and against any claim, obligation, liability, loss, expense (including attorney's fees), or damage incurred as a result of your use of the Services, your violation of the Terms, your or your Users’ errors while using the Services, and the contents of Customer Data with respect to data protection laws or other obligations.

Customer agrees to provide us with prompt written notice of any claim, allow us to assume the exclusive defense and control of it if we choose to do so, and cooperate with any reasonable requests related to our defense and settlement of the matter.

We may access, read, and disclose any information that we obtain related to the Services if we believe doing so is necessary to

  • comply with applicable laws, regulations, or government requests;
  • enforce these Terms;
  • detect or prevent fraud;
  • address security or technical issues;
  • address support requests from you or your Users;
  • protect the rights of Vault; or
  • prevent damage to the public or third parties.

The parties may disclose Confidential Information to each other in connection with the Contract. The nature of the information that is being disclosed should meet reasonable criteria to be regarded as Confidential Information. Customer Data is the Confidential Information of the Customer. Any feature, technology, marketing information, or business information can be Confidential Information. Any information that is marked “confidential” should be treated as Confidential Information. Any information that becomes available to the public is not considered Confidential Information. If the receiving party already was aware of the information disclosed, then it cannot be considered Confidential Information. If the receiving party independently developed or generated the information, then it cannot be considered Confidential Information.

When Confidential Information is disclosed, the receiving party will take reasonable measures to keep it safe and prevent unauthorized access, will only share it with the essential employees , and will only disclose it to third parties who are required to know such information. The receiving party will not use or disclose Confidential Information for any reason other than as stated in this Contract. Confidential Information may be disclosed to financial and legal advisors when doing so is deemed necessary and such advisors must be informed of the obligation to continue keeping this information undisclosed.

Confidential Information may be disclosed by the receiving party as required by law only after giving the disclosing party prior notice. If the disclosing party wishes to prevent disclosure, then receiving party will assist in doing so to the extent allowed by law.

There may be links provided within the Services or the Sites that do not belong to and are not controlled by us. You understand and agree that we have no liability or responsibility for their content or reliability, the way you use them, or the privacy policies of any third-party websites. It is solely your responsibility to choose to click on these links and make use of the content in any way you would like.

You may create and use links about the Services and Sites under the following conditions:

  • You shall not replicate the Services or Sites in part or in whole.
  • You shall not misrepresent the content of the link provided.
  • You shall not use offensive or disparaging comments with your links.
  • You shall not infringe any intellectual property rights or rights of any third party.
  • Your link shall not be published in an environment that is considered unlawful, unethical, or offensive.

The following sections will continue to be valid and binding even if this Contract is terminated:

  • User Feedback
  • Integrations
  • Payment Terms
  • Credits
  • Product You Are Purchasing
  • Transfer of Customer Data
  • Warranty Disclaimer
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Indemnification
  • Disclosure
  • Confidential Information
  • Perpetual Terms
  • General Terms

We may modify the clauses in this Terms agreement any time, at our own discretion, and without prior notification to you or to Users. If we do so, we will send you a notice by email to your registered email address or post the new terms in the opening page of the Services. At any time, Customer can visit this page to review the most current version of the Terms of Service. The effective date of the revised contract will be stated in the notice and the revised contract will become effective upon posting on this page. After being notified, your continued use of the Services would mean that you accept the revised Terms of Service.

These Terms of Service and any policies posted by us on the Site constitute an entire contract between you and us. These Terms of Service will be enforced to the fullest extent permissible by law. We may assign some of our rights and obligations to our affiliates, business partners, or advisors at any time at our discretion. Customer may not delegate or assign any part of its rights or obligations to any third party.

This contract does not facilitate any kind of partnership, agency, employment, joint venture, or franchise.

Customer grants us the right to use Customer’s business name and logo for our marketing and promotional activities on the web or in other kinds of media. If Customer does not want to be mentioned in such activities, Customer can send an email to stating that it wants to be removed from our marketing reference list.

Neither we or the Customer will be liable for failing to meet any obligations set forth in this Contract resulting from events beyond the control of any party, such as riots, war, terrorism, acts of God, power shortages, strikes, fires, governmental actions, denial-of-service attacks, or failure of third-party providers.

All notices to the Customer and the Users will be by email or through the Services interface. To send a notice or for any other kind of communication you can use . Notices will be deemed to have been given the day after they are sent.

A failure or delay in exercising any right under the Contract does not constitute a waiver of that right. A waiver of a right under the Contract will be valid only if it is submitted in writing by an authorized representative of the party who is waiving the right.

If any part or clause of these Terms of Service is found to be unlawful or void, that will not make the Contract void; instead, that part will be deemed omitted from this Terms of Service and the rest of the Contract will continue to be valid. You warrant that these Terms of Service will not be construed in a way that would be against us.

Either party may transfer or assign the Contract in whole with all the related contracts, order forms, and policies to an affiliate or to a company in the event of a merger, acquisition, reorganization, or sale of a substantial amount of assets, without the approval of the other party. Otherwise, any purported assignment will be void.

The Site, the Services, or this Contract may include typographical errors, omissions, and inaccuracies. We reserve the right to correct or change any such errors upon becoming aware of them without prior notice to anyone.

You accept these Terms of Service and any other policies in electronic form and warrant that you will not use the fact that they are not physical contracts as an excuse for violating them or a defense against us.

These Terms of Use and your use of the Services are governed in accordance with the laws of the State of California and courts located in San Francisco County will have jurisdiction over any dispute or lawsuit.

If you have any questions about this Contract or wish to submit a request or complaint regarding the Services or this Contract, please contact us at:

Rementis Inc.

Sunnyvale, CA
United States